choosing the right repair kit

Choosing the Right Repair Kit

The best kind of truck brake parts will quickly and effectively stop your truck once you step on the brake pedal. Calipers slow down your truck’s wheels and eventually bring the entire vehicle to a halt, so these play a crucial role to your road safety. To achieve optimum braking performance, you need to invest in the right caliper repair kits . We have come up with a few tips to help you choose the best kit for your vehicle.

choosing the right repair kit
choosing the right repair kit

What to look for in caliper kits?

O rings and seals

The first step in repairing your calipers is to replace the old gaskets and seals. Broken gaskets and busted seals lead to leaky calipers, so you will need to choose a kit with a complete set of heavy duty O rings and seals to throughly cover the internal fluid passages and prevent leakage. Be sure to find the correct size and thickness out to ensure the seals are strong enough to hold the high-pressure brake fluid in. Look for seals made of high-strength rubber for maximum durability.


The quantity of the pistons are going to show the performance of your brake calipers. Generally, more pistons mean better braking power, as these are used to clamp the motors and cause the tires to slow down. We recommend having more than two pistons in your brake assembly. However, pistons are not included in some of caliper repair kits. If you are planning to repair your calipers, we recommend choosing a kit with a high-quality piston included in the package.

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